About us

In 2001 we saw the first gypsy cob/Irish Cob here in Denmark, and immidiately fell completely in love with the breed. Never before did we see a horse with so much personality and charisma. And being near it you could feel its calm coming into you.

We were sold!

So in 2002 we bought our first cob, Kilkee and now 13 years later we have around 25 cobs and love every single one of them.

  Kilkee as a 2 year old filly in 2002,
 when we bought her
We live in the heart of Jutland. We have 20 ha  and half of it is for the horses. The rest is woods, lakes, meadows and heathland. In 2007 we were lucky to have a few days to spend in Ireland and we had some wonderful days in that gorgeous place.
Some pics from the trip