ICS, Ireland

ICS, Holland

Danish Breeders

Dansk Tinkerforening, DK

Paddy Connors, Ireland

Cilbarra Stud Farm, Ireland
(Ruby, halfsister to Jack)

Sussex Cobs, UK
(also where you can buy pigoil and sulphur)

Clononeen Farm, UK

Coates Gypsy Horses, UK

Loretta Rawlings, UK

Vines Gypsy Horses, UK

Harlequin Farm, US

LexLin Gypsy Horse Ranch, US
(halfsisters and -brother to Teagan and Sťamus)

 West Hill Ranches, US
(Teagan's dad, Blue Billy Boy, pics of Jack's grandmum Clarice)

Gypsy Horse Ranch, Germany

Nydal Mohair, our other site with
angoragoats and yarns